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Madden 22: The Biggest Franchise Improvement Is Coming After Launch

Jul 24, 2021

In the past 10 years, the Madden series has introduced various new modes, but its core mode is still Franchise, which has been quite stagnant in recent years. Madden 22 now pays some attention to the fan’s favorite mode.

EA showed some of Madden 22's gameplay improvements, such as the Dynamic Gameday and Next Gen Stats overhaul, and also allowed players to see some major changes in the Madden 22 Franchise. Recently, the company has carried out in-depth updates. The most important addition is Scouting. Scouting has received some major improvements, such as position scouting, regional focus, and more. But you cannot view these features when Madden 22 was first released.

Scouting is the lifeblood of Franchise Mode, although the other improvements that Madden 22 brings to Franchise Mode, such as weekly strategy and coaching skill trees, are substantial changes that players have always wanted. This year's release will follow Madden 21's periodic Franchise update strategy. However, once Madden 22's scouting update is successful, you will have more fun.

What’s new in Madden 22’s scouting?

The most troublesome aspect of the old Madden scouting system is its static nature and the allotment of points just to work each week. But these will be a thing of the past because Madden 22 will introduce a new dynamic draft, which will be updated several times a year under the influence of players. So, if players find a prospect projected in the 5th or 6th round with 1st round talent, they won't stay there anymore.

When the Madden 22 players scout prospects it brings national attention to said person, and other teams will pay attention to him. As the season progresses, his draft ranking will rise. This rolls into the new Madden scouting system, players have both national and regional scouts, and they have different positions specialties. This means that it will no longer be simple to find the best newbies in each Madden class’s best rookies and strive for them.

You need to specify the positions you need most, hire staff who can focus on that position, and then discover which area has the best development prospects. Once you find some potential draft picks, the game becomes more complicated, but it will bring the entire game experience closer to real-world scouting.

In the Franchise mode of Madden 22, you will see some changes every year, that is, where the top prospects are to come throughout the years. EA has stated that there will be more updates in the past few years, such as providing additional capabilities for Madden scouting staff.

In Madden, the improvement of the scouting feature is accompanied by a large number of other updates. It is not yet certain when this update will appear, but in the recent Deep Dive, EA stated its “targeting September”, so fans seem to have to wait for a while.

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