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Madden 22 Super Bowl Present Players Will Arrive In Part 2!

Feb 10, 2022

With the big game looming, the Madden 22 Super Bowl show is already on the radar in Ultimate Team. GAMEMS has been informed of the details of the Super Bowl Present players.

Super Bowl Present Part 2

This year's Madden 22 Super Bowl promo took inspiration from Madden Ghost of Madden's Ultimate Team as they channel greats of the Past, Present, and what could be the Future next. Last week, the first part released the Past of the Super Bowl, and now they're focusing on the present legends.

The release date for the Madden 22 Super Bowl will be February 11, but the drop may be available anytime between early morning and late afternoon.

At this time, the future release of the Super Bowl has not been determined, and this will also be the third part of the promotion, based on the current plan, we speculate that it will start this Friday, Feb 18.

Super Bowl Present Players

Right now, the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams have gotten the way into the Present Super Bowl, making them the center of this Ultimate Team promo. The only announced player is Trey Hendrickson's 95 OVR version. Before everything is released, you can prepare well in advance, and buy Madden 22 Coins from GAMEMS is the best choice, which will help you become a winner on the field.

In Part 1 of the promotion, representing the Super Bowl Past, they brought 16 Elites, 8 Heroes, 2 LTDs, and 2 Special Cards for a total of 28 new players in Ultimate Team.

With only 2 teams to choose from, we'll see a smaller field, but if they bring 20+ in this drop, it's a huge surprise for gamers. We will look forward to the new players.


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