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Madden 22: Some Tips For You To Build Your Team

Madden Ultimate Team is also popular in Madden 22 because you can create a team according to your ideas. GAMEMS will list the important factors that are useful for building a team.

Before building a team, you need to determine the features of the team. Whether you want them to Ground and Pound like the 76 Steelers, or to be a pass-heavy team likes the Patriots? Of course, you can also build a team that is balanced between running and throwing the ball.

Offensive Line

If you plan to become a pass-heavy team, you need to build an offensive line with pass protection linemen, including LT, LG, C, RG, RT. On the other hand, if you want to run the ball more, you can choose strong linemen to increase the stats of running blocks.

WR and TE

You need at least two route-running WRs and a deep-threat WR. Because spreading the ball before throwing the deep shot will increase your chances of contacting your deep threat WR. Route running WRs make better cuts and run more precise routes based on game art.

TEs are the safety valve of every QB, so a good TE is necessary. When you need to switch between the third and the middle/long, you will hit them on the fast routes.


There is no doubt that Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are what gamers desire, but if you don’t have enough Madden22 Coins to get them, you can choose mobile QBs like Russel Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, or Josh Allen. Although they are not the fastest quarterbacks, in the first round of offense, they can run and maintain their elite throwing ability.

If you rely on a heavy RPO game, then Lamar Jackson will be perfect.

Special teams

You will want to look for an 80+ kicker, which means the difference between kicking a 50-yard field goal or punting a huge 35-yard line. Your kick/punt returner should also be the fastest player in the team, but don't overuse WR1.

If you are considering building your team, then it depends on your needs, and then find suitable players. If you want to get good players, you can come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins, which can help you build a strong team faster, to invest in the game.

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