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Madden 22: Some Tight Ends That You Will Want To Keep An Eye On

Jun 21, 2021

Now that Madden 22 has been officially announced by EA, EA is likely to announce player ratings later, and some players will stand out. Whether it is collecting excellent players for the Ultimate Team or the highly anticipated Franchise Mode, Tight Ends will all be needed. GAMEMS lists some excellent TEs.

In Madden 22, the best TEs seem to have some obvious choices. There is also a rookie, he can get very high data in the first season of the NFL, which also means that he has great potential.

Chris Manhertz

According to Chris Manhertz's current performance, he may not make anyone's Ultimate Team. The TE, who has played in Carolina for nearly 5 years, will become the starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Madden 22. He is usually a TE who can draw defenders away from the target.

Jaguars had a new head coach and a new quarterback this year, so the situation is different from Madden 21. Trevor Lawrence needs veteran targets to throw to and Chris Manhertz can meet this requirement.

Jared Cook

Jared Cook is expected to become the starter of the Los Angeles Chargers in Madden 22, the sixth team in his career. He is a very productive player, catching 37 passes for 507 yards and 7 TDs in 2020.

In Madden 21, his rating is 96, and his Madden 22 rating seems to have improved.

Kyle Pitts

For Kyle Pitt, his story has just begun. He is the fourth overall pick by Atlanta Falcons. Although this team seems to have entered rebuilding mode, it still needs some great players. Pitts is expected to become the go-to player of the new team. But it is difficult to predict his rating in Madden 22.

Dan Arnold

Arnold has just spent the best season of his career. This is the first time he has participated in all 16 games after joining the league. Arnold completed 31 passes for 438 yards and 4 yards and 4 TDs. Because of this performance, his Madden 21 rating improved after the end of the year. In Madden 22, whether his rating will rise depends on the performance of new quarterback Sam Darnold.

Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett has just entered his fifth season in the league, and he has more results every year. In 2020, he completed a career-high 41 catches and for 417 yards and 1 TD. In Madden 22, he will be catching passes from Russell Wilson so that his numbers will be better. Although his rating dropped at the end of last season, given that he will fight with a quarterback who has always been good, this will undoubtedly increase his rating.

Although Madden 22 has not been released yet, you can now pay more attention to them. Once Madden 22 is released, you will be able to choose the players you need faster. Once EA released an update to the player rosters, GAMEMS will also notify you as soon as possible.

In addition, fans may be very concerned about MUT 22 Coins. If you are a loyal fan of Madden, you should know the importance of MUT 22 Coins. Once Madden 22 is released, you can come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins at a low price.


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