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Madden 22: Scouting Will Change The NFL Draft Process In Franchise Mode

Jul 22, 2021

Madden 22 participated in the Spotlight series of EA Play Live, and now we have learned more about the scouting function of Franchise Mode. In Madden 22, the NFL draft process may look better than before. One thing is that GAMEMS has collected more about Scouting and other new content.

There will be 3 major updates to Franchise

EA plans to make three major updates to Franchise after its release. Scouting is expected to be part of the first, and it still has a non-specific release window for September 2021. This update did not discuss other possible content. It was mentioned that the pacing used by Madden 21 still applies to Madden 22.

Last year's first Gridiron Notes on Franchise Updates was released on September 3. After that, Madden 21 released a complete series of updates on November 10, January 6, and March 3, and accompanied Gridiron Notes to explore the content added or changed in each update.

There are rumors that Madden 22 will be released in September, but fans expect this date to be advanced.

Franchise Mode will be friendly to users

How to make scouting more approachable is the center of discussion, because they have abolished the points-based system used in previous years.

In Franchise, you will no longer be urged to spend your scouting points immediately daily, because this time things will work more broadly, allowing some autopilot to happen.

The new scouting system will try to keep the player's preferences open, which means you can focus on scouting as much or as little as you can when playing Franchise. In addition, scouting preferences will be set in week one of pre-season, rather than being postponed until several weeks into the season. The upgrade of scouting this year also largely depends on their rework and integration of the NFL Draft, including Mock Drafts.

Scouting changes NFL Draft

Scouting is the key to the NFL teams, but it is just a tool that led to the biggest event of the offseason - the NFL Draft.

This year, Madden 22's goal is to combine this function with the scouting function. The potential draft board represents the Mock Draft produced by the media in today’s world. This will even bring a new layer of strategy because the way you place scouts in Franchise will directly affect the Mock Drafts and the media's response to certain players.

If you choose to send your most important scout to find a player who has performed poorly in the Mock Draft, the media will notice and other teams will start to pay close attention to this player. So if you want to avoid this kind of attention, you can choose to send a low-level scout, but this will also run the risk of receiving less detailed information.

This is the detailed information about scouting, so for now, Madden 22 will be able to arouse the interest of gamers, and there may be more fans joining Madden 22. If you have pre-ordered Madden 22, then you also need to have a legit and reliable supplier of MUT 22 Coins, GAMEMS is worthy of your attention.

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