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Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes's Week 10 Performance Is Worthy Of The 99 Club

The next Madden 22 roster will be released this week. Since Mahomes dropped out of the 99 Club list, everyone is looking forward to his return to his original position. As expected, Patrick Mahomes performed well this week. GAMEMS will give evidence that he is worthy of rejoining the 99 Club.

A new 94 OVR card in MUT 22 immediately makes Patrick Mahomes one of the best quarterbacks of all, because it is only for Dan Marino, the Team Diamond Master with 95 OVR.

After being kicked out of the 99 Club a few weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes found himself as an outsider when it comes to that prestigious group. There are only 4 players still in the 99 Club. They have been in this position since the release of Madden 22, which is admirable, so it is worth it to spend more Madden 22 Coins for them.

Even Tom Brady and Justin Tucker only stayed for a week after their record-breaking week, and then they were kicked out of the club one week later.

Now Patrick is the first and only player to lose his status as a member of the 99 Club after the release of Madden 22, but fans are confident that he will return to the Club.

Despite several bleak weeks, he used 406 passing yards and 5 touchdowns to let Las Vegas Raiders win. He once again proved that he is good enough.

In Week 10, his performance was satisfactory, and Mahomes did what he needed to do to get back some of the deductions he lost. He has the highest completion rate since Week 4, with the most yards throughout the season, the most completions in a game this season, the most TDs in a game this season, 0 interceptions, and was never sacked.

So Madden 22's Week 10 roster update should clearly show the impact of Patrick's rating. Fans are waiting for him to return to his position and firmly believe that it will happen sooner or later.

Now the game is still in full swing, and everyone is looking forward to the next situation. GAMEMS will also try our best to fulfill our duties and broadcast the latest game progress in time. In addition, we will also provide in-game resources, sufficient MUT 22 Coins are also guaranteed, so you can come to GAMEMS to buy the number of Coins you need at any time.

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