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Madden 22 Passing Guide: How To Throw Different Passes?

Mar 11, 2022

In Madden 22, you have the opportunity to have the highest-rated quarterback. Throwing the best pass in certain situations will come in handy when you guide the ball to the receiver. GAMEMS will teach you how to throw a low pass, a high pass, and more.

Each receiver has a corresponding button, such as Square, Triangle, R1 on PS4 controller or Y, X, A, B buttons on Xbox. You will press the button for the specific receiver you want to throw to.

How to throw a low pass?

If you want to give the receiver a low pass, press the receiver icon and hold the L2 button on the PlayStation controller. On an Xbox controller, hold down the LB button.

How to throw a high pass?

To throw a high pass, press the receiver icon and hold the L1 button on the PlayStation controller and hold the LT button on the Xbox controller.

Other Passing Options

If your quarterback is struggling, you can consider some of the other Madden 22 passing options. If necessary, you can pump fake, scramble, or throw the ball away.

Pump Fake

A pump fake is a fake-out move that you can ask your quarterback to do by double-tapping on a receiver icon. A high-rated quarterback can make the move more perfect, so investing in a good quarterback with Madden 22 Coins is a must.


To scramble with your quarterback, use the left stick and the R2 button on the controller. Your quarterback quickly shifts from trying to make a pass, to scrambling away from an approaching defender.

Throw the ball away

If you're in trouble, you can throw the ball away. To do this, hold down the right stick on the controller, which should throw the ball to the sidelines and away from any coverage.


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