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Madden 22: New MUT Features Have Been Revealed

Aug 11, 2021

Madden 22 is only a week away from the release of EA Play Trial and will be officially released for global release soon. Ultimate Team is still the most popular mode for fans, and new content related to MUT 22 has now been announced. GAMEMS has made a detailed list.

Strategy Items

In MUT 22, the strategy items are designed to simplify the existing chemistry system, remove most chemistries from players, and allow you to use these items to build a complete chemistry team.

Players will have multiple strategy slots, allowing you to select combinations and find the right mix, making you unstoppable in the Ultimate Team. Strategy items can contain multiple attribute enhancements for a single player, or items that can affect the team more widely. These items should continue to evolve after launch.

Halftime Adjustments

When the ability is activated during halftime, with 30 seconds to make changes in H2H modes, and 60 seconds to change things up when playing against the CPU.

Stats on Items

In a new Ultimate Team, there will be tracked stats for each unique player item, representing the in-game accomplishments you’ve managed with the item.

Ultimate Season

There will be some changes to the MUT level this year, with frequently updated daily and weekly objectives to help you level up throughout the season. Every few months, EA plans to create a new season and reset MUT levels, adding new objectives and rewards in the process.

Team Affinity

Create a favorite franchise-themed team to celebrate the return of MUT 22 Team Affinity, you can get new players from your favorite NFL team through this program. To build the best Ultimate Team in the history of the franchise, you need to have enough MUT 22 Coins, because good players must be expensive.

Dynamic Gameday Integration

* Instinct - Defense can see Home/Away Team's intended pass target

* Hold the Line - Home/Away Team has improved blocking

* Adrenaline - Home/Away Team has infinite stamina during plays

* Shook-Offensive play art is distorted for the Home/Away Team

* Zoned out - Home/Away Team players cannot enter The Zone

* High and Tight - Home/Away Team has a greatly reduced fumble chance

* Unstoppable - Home/Away Team players cannot be knocked out of The Zone

* Check Down - Home/Away Team QB has trouble seeing deeper receivers

So far, various leaks seem to have successfully aroused the interest of fans, and they are very much looking forward to the arrival of Madden 22. To ensure the good gaming experience of the players, GAMEMS will always be ready to provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins, which means that no matter when you come to GAMEMS, live chat is available, and our staff will answer your questions in short.


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