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Madden 22: How To Perform A Hurdle?

Oct 12, 2021

In Madden 22, you need to master many different maneuvers to perform well in the game. One of the maneuvers is the hurdle, which seems familiar to the gamers, this action can let you out of danger in time and be the winner in the game. GAMEMS will introduce how to complete this action perfectly.

How to hurdle?

In Madden 22, you need to press the "Triangle" button on the PlayStation or the "Y" button on the Xbox controller when the defensive player rushes towards you.

The hurdle is the ultimate goal of the offensive player trying to rush the ball towards the defense When the defensive player is at the offense, the offensive player can pass the defensive player when they are tackling and leave them to faceplant in the turf.

Part of the reason why this action is so useful is that it has unexpected appeal. Few players can jump over another and continue toward the goal. No one would expect this move, because it makes a smart offense better than an overzealous defense. And, visually speaking, jumping over your opponent gracefully will make you look cooler.

It is necessary to complete a difficult action through practice in Madden 22, so that once you can use them proficiently in any situation, you have a high chance of winning in the game. If you want to keep increasing your chances of winning, whichrequires the help of excellent players. Excellent players have higher stats in some aspects, which means that they can complete the instructions you issue more perfectly, so as to successfully achieve your expected results. Good players are destined to cost more Madden 22 Coins, but it is definitely worth it because they can enhance your gaming experience.

GAMEMS provides cheap Madden 22 Coins, because we know the importance of Madden Coins in the game, so we can guarantee a large amount of inventory so that you can come here to buy Madden 22 Coins at any time, they are fully supplied. We are always proud of the fast delivery, which means you can receive the Coins you purchased within 10-30 minutes after you place your order.


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