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Madden 22: How To Perform A Celebration Run?

Nov 01, 2021

In Madden 22, celebrations, taunts and showboating can bring you a more immersive gaming experience. This includes celebrating a big sack, interception, or first down for the first time. There may be gamers who are confused about this, GAMEMS will guide you to do the celebration in the game, you can laugh at your opponent before scoring.

How to do celebrations?

After a big play, there are 4 different celebration options for you to choose from, and a celebration option menu will appear on the screen to let you make a choice. Using the Right stick of the controller, you can perform the following operations:

* For a Swagger/First Down celebration - Press the Right Stick Up.

* To do a Dance Celebration - Press the Right Stick to the Right.

* For a Spike or Flex celebration - Press Right Stick Down.

* To do the Signature celebration - Press Right Stick to the Left.

You may not get the celebration every defensive play or big run/catch, but you should always see your choice every time you score a touchdown. These options will only stay on the screen for a short time, so act fast.

How to perform a celebration run?

The celebration run is different. You can do it with a player who has gotten away from the defense and is headed down the field. Normally, you will want to be headed to the end zone with the defenders behind you.

When you run to the end zone, press the ‘L2’ on the PlayStation controller or the ‘LT’ on the Xbox controller.

You cannot choose a specific celebration run performed by your players, so it will be presented randomly. Options include a high-stepping run or waving to the defenders when you move to the end zone.

How to dive into the end zone for the TD?

If you want, you can also dive into the end zone when you score a touchdown. To do this, you can hold down the ‘Square’ on the PlayStation when you are getting close to the goal line, and perform the dive by holding down the ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

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