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Madden 22: How To Link Your Account To Twitch?

Madden 22 has been released, you can unlock new rewards from playing and get some drops on Twitch. Madden regularly runs streaming media on its EA Madden Twitch channel, and you can get drop rewards as long as you watch it. However, you need to link your EA Madden account with your Twitch account to be able to get rewards. For players who do not know how to proceed with this, GAMEMS will introduce the specific steps.

How to link a Madden 22 account to Twitch?

To link a Madden 22 account with Twitch, you need to have an EA account. If not, you need to create one first. Then link the EA account to the PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag that having your Madden 22 account on.

Then go to Sign in to Twitch, enter any security codes if necessary, and log in to both.

Once these two are all completed, you click on the Twitch link URL and choose "YES" to link them. This will allow EA to connect your two accounts. Finally, you can test whether this is valid, go to your connection in Twitch settings. You can see the list of EAs in the Connections.

If you complete everything, you can get rewards by watching. But it seems impossible to get the player card you like, so if you want to get your favorite players, then you still need to spend Madden 22 Coins.

If you don’t want to spend extra time in the game grind MUT 22 Coins, you can choose to buy Madden 22 Coins from GAMEMS. This is the most time-saving way. GAMEMS will also publish some discount info on Twitter, so this is also a suitable website to get cheap MUT 22 Coins.

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