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Madden 22 Cover Will Be Different

Jun 04, 2021

There are still a few months away from the release of Madden 22, but EA has not yet announced who the cover player of the game is. But EA CEO Andrew Wilson has hinted that this year's cover will be different from previous years.

It's unclear how it will change the past season, but his statement has left fans guessing whether Madden 22 will have multiple cover players or other completely unexpected things.

No matter what direction the publisher intends to take, EA seems to be excited about this year's game.

Wilson said that he and the team reviewed it not long ago, and it will definitely surprise gamers.

If this year's cover does feature league players, this may be a way to make players and fans feel better about the legendary Madden curse. Some players have escaped the curse, but some fans still want their favorite players to become cover athletes.

This year's cover athletes seem to have several candidates, including Josh Allen. Although fans will be afraid of Madden's curse, I believe that the Bills' offensive line will give Allen good protection this year.

Madden 21 was released on August 28 last year, and this year's game will be released at the same time. Now it’s only one month or two months from the release date, so we are likely to see the cover of this game exposed.

So based on EA CEO's statement, will fans be willing to become Madden 22 players? But now based on Madden 21, fans have not lost interest in it, and the demand for MUT 21 Coins has not decreased.

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