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Madden 22: Changes To Franchise Mode That We Expect

May 11, 2021

The Madden series of games have gained huge popularity, but the franchise mode in Madden 21 has annoyed many fans. So now Madden 22 needs to change this and make it better.

Customizable Relocation

Relocating team is an interesting element of the Madden series. It not only allows you to have more creativity, but also allows you to revive teams that no longer exist, such as Canton Bulldogs or St. Louis Gunners. Or you can even replicate other actual teams.

Rule Changes

Voting on rule changes can do more than just add another aspect of reality to the franchise model, such as expanding the playoffs or rewriting overtime rules.

This is where Madden can creatively add his rule proposals to the actual proposals made in recent years. It can also add some interesting elements to prevent the game mode from becoming bland.

Customizable Plays

It would be cool if you can draw your own game like a puzzle. If in a game, a TE comes in reverse and pitches back to a moving receiver, who then pitches to a quarterback, and the quarterback passes the ball to a sprinting receiver in the frontcourt. This may be very interesting.

Supplemental Draft

Every July, NFL teams can bid for players with the future draft selections. This is very attractive, so joining the franchise mode is of great significance. For franchise managers, this may be another way to build a lineup at the expense of future draft picks.

Enhanced Career Stats

Madden 22 should introduce a simple, streamlined place to look back to stats and awards. In other words, gamers should be able to find out who won the Super Bowl. Besides, it’s great to look at the previous draft history.

In short, Madden 22 needs more and more fundamental changes, otherwise, it may cause more fan dissatisfaction and lose some gamers.

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