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Madden 22: Blitz Is Ready To Bring The Exciting and Chaotic Promo Back Along With Bo Jackson

Nov 26, 2021

MUT 22 Blitz is about to bring this exciting promo back to Madden 22, along with Bo Jackson. GAMEMS will list what we know about MUT 22 Blitz.

Daniel Jones (WR)

Some fans may wish that Daniel Jones appears in the new MUT Blitz Promo, but few would predict that he did not appear as a quarterback. In a game against Carolina Panthers earlier this season, Daniel Jones joined the MUT Blitz promo as a wide receiver.

MUT Blitz Promo

Bo Jackson has arrived at The Yard in Madden 22 and the giveaway player in MUT 22. He is already in MUT 22, but the true gem is his Blitz Champion card.

The program usually does not last long, sometimes less than a week, so we currently expect MUT 22 Blitz will end on November 30.

The store offers that MUT 22 Blitz may bring may only be a few days, but others may last for an hour or even 5 minutes because the Black Friday energy is sufficient. If you want to take full advantage of MUT 22 Blitz, you need to pay close attention to the new offers land, which may cause the pricing of some cards to change, so in order to save Madden 22 Coins as much as possible, pay more attention to it.

Now, the Thanksgiving Day promotion is still going on on GAMEMS. If you are a loyal player of Madden 22, you can first come to GAMEMS to buy Madden 22 Coins with the code “Thanks” and then enjoy 6% off, because Coins are a necessity in the game, which will always be needed in some aspects, and then you will benefit from using it.


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