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Madden 22: Best WR Abilities That Can Enhance Your Passing Game

Feb 18, 2022

The receivers are also different, for example, Tyreek Hill is very speedy, Travis Kelce is a dynamic possession receiver, and Amari Cooper is a precise route runner. So you'll need to pick the right receiver for your lineup, and plenty of Madden 22 Coins can make it easier to get the players you need.

In Madden 22, the wide receiver abilities allow you to maximize the unique style of your favorite receiver to get an edge against defenses and take advantage of favorable matchups. A receiver with the right abilities will benefit your offense.

Based on this, GAMEMS lists the best WR abilities you can use in Madden 22.

Route Technician

Route Technician allows receivers to make quicker cuts, which will give your WR a higher percentage chance to rip through zone coverage with double moves or slants.

With Route Technician, the defense will be forced to play more man coverage, which will create chances for deeper passes. 

Deep Out Elite

Deep Out Elite is a great ability with speedy receivers that can consistently gain a step or two of separation. This ability increases your chances of successfully catch over 20 yards, and using the play-action of this ability, you can try good routes, namely fly patterns, deep posts and deep corner passes.

Short Out Elite

Stay offensive defense by giving TEs, RBs, and slot receivers this Short Out Elite ability. When a short play breaks within 10 yards, this WR ability can work well for you against third-and-short.

Red Zone Threat

Speed and size wins to make the Red Zone Threat a formidable ability, to take advantage of this, elevate your defender in the back of the end zone, or race a defensive back to the pylon on the WR screen. A less field means that there will be a lot of traffic and less room for errors in throwing accuracy.


Screen passes in the backcourt, and passes underneath to slot receivers can cause CBs and LBs to miss tackles, which is where the Grab-N-Go ability comes into play, allowing you to quickly change direction and momentum shifts without losing speed. Thus, Grab-N-Go can turn short passes into long passes gains with athletic receivers.

You can tailor your wide receiver to your needs, or use these abilities to create more cohesion in your quarterback's skill set.


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