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Madden 22: Best Skill Players For Starting A Fantasy Draft

Sep 02, 2021

In Madden 22, the deepest is Franchise Mode, and the most exciting way to start is a fantasy draft. When you start your franchise, you will hope to get the most value in the draft to win the Super Bowl.

Before you start, you need to consider the age, overall ratings, and development traits of the draftees. To help you personalize your roster, GAMEMS lists a variety of options for you to choose from.


The players in the Round 1 and 2 are loaded with talent, and there were also some of the highest-rated players in Madden 22. In these places, you need to draft your roster. There is no doubt that the quarterback is the most important position, so a good quarterback is likely to be eliminated at the end of Round 2.

* Deshaun Watson: He has 90 OVR, and he is only 25 years old, so he has star development traits.

* Justin Fields: He can be selected as an alternative in Round 2. Although he has 74 OVR, the 22-year-old has a star development trait and will lock the quarterback room for the next 10 seasons.


In Madden 22, supplementing the quarterback with explosive playmakers is the key to the offense.

* Tyreek Hill: In some drafts, he was in the middle of Round 1. In 98 OVR with 99 Speed and X-Factor abilities, it is beneficial to have such players in the 4-5 seasons.

Wide Receiver (WR)

If a quarterback is selected in Round 1, Falcons’ Calvin Ridley will be grabbed in Round 3, while Titans’ Julio Jones is still available in Round 4.

Running Back (RB)

RB is also an important position in the team. Kareem Hunt and Jonathan Taylor will be selected until Round 7 or 8.

Defensive Line

* Chase Young and Brian Burns: They were also on the board in Round 2, and any of them can terrorize the opposing quarterback.

* Vita Vea: He can be obtained in Round 4, he can prevent anyone from running to the middle easily.

Offensive Line

This can protect your QB or clear the way for the elusive RB.

*Quentin Nelson: He is a 25-year-old guard who can use his superstar abilities in Round 2, which can give the offense a huge advantage by identifying blitzers in the 3rd or 4th down.


You can start looking for them in Round 5.

* Deion Jones and Devin White: They are big-time MLBs.

* Isiah Simmons and Micah Parsons: They are versatile players that can be obtained in Round 8 and they can lock down TEs in coverage or blitz.

Defensive Backfield

* Denzel Ward: He is a young CB drafted in Round 3.

* Justin Simmons and Adrian Amos: These two strong safeties will be waiting in Round 7.

When starting a fantasy draft, you need to use these draft picks wisely. If you are struggling with this, you can refer to this article to select suitable players. GAMEMS will not only provide some game guides and tips, but also provide cheap Madden 22 Coins, which you will need in future games, so if you need them, you can give priority to GAMEMS.


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