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Madden 22: Adding These Out Of Position Players To Your MUT Lineup Is A Wise Choice

Dec 24, 2021

More and more Madden 22 Zero Chill cards are coming soon, and some player cards are outstanding and worth your Madden 22 Coins. GAMEMS will pay attention to Out Of Position players, because they are worth a second look. Once you need Madden 22 Coins, it is the right choice to buy on GAMEMS during the Christmas sale.

2 new Out Of Position Zero Chill Players

We thought that Madden 22 Zero Chill has released Out Of Position players, but in fact, not only that but there are 2 new additions that are blockbuster players ready to join your MUT lineup.

TE Taysom Hill - 95 OVR

This 95 OVR is already attractive enough, and even better, almost all of his stats are above 80.

HB Vita Vea - 93 OVR

This card has absolutely terrorized opposing defenses, but the speed is not very ideal, only 89. However, on the goal line, he will be unstoppable.

MUT 22 Zero Chill III Release Date

Madden 22 Zero Chill is popular with players, one of the reasons is that new player cards are dropped every week.

Madden 22 Zero Chill III will be released on the MUT 22 market on December 24, 2021. There are some very good player cards in this version, so don't miss it.

Best Overall Zero Chill Out Of Position players

* Out of Position Tayson Hill (TE) - 95 OVR - New Orleans Saints

* Out of Position Vita Vea (HB) - 92 OVR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

* Out of Position Cordarrelle Patterson (CB) - 92 OVR-Atlanta Falcons

* Out of Position Odell Beckham Jr. (RB) - 92 OVR - LSU

* Out of Position Tom Brady (QB) - 92 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

* Out of Position Deebo Samuel (HB) - 89 San Francisco 49ers

* Out of Position Cam Newton (MLB) - 89 OVR - Carolina Panthers

* Out of Position Tyreek Hill (TE) - 85 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs


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