Madden 21 Xbox: How To QB Slide?
Madden 21 Xbox: How To QB Slide?

How to QB slide in Madden21Xbox is confusing to many people because it is not very obvious when you slide with a quarterback. This guide will show you how to QB slide in Madden 21 Xbox.

First, you have to make sure that you're past the line of scrimmage. Of course, you also need to directly control the quarterback. Next, it's as simple as pressing the X button. You'll slip your feet first, and then end the play. This is useful to end plays without giving the ball over, if you are on PS4, you can press the Square.

If you find that the defense is too strong, you can give up the play to avoid penalties or being sacked. You also need to make sure you don't hold X. Holding X will cause your quarterback to dive headfirst, which may cause fumbles or injuries.

Of course, you can also slide with other ball holders. Playing as a wide receiver or running back requires you to hold RT and LT at the same time, and then press X. You will use this method like how you would with a quarterback, end the play so you don't give the ball over. On PS4, press the corresponding R2 and L2.

If you are a new player of Madden 21 and you have this doubt, then reading this guide should be helpful to you. You can follow the above explanation to operate on your Xbox.

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