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Madden 21: What Differences Between Current Version And Next-Gen?

Nov 14, 2020

EA has stated that the release date of Madden 21 next-gen is December 4th, so it is less than a month away, but no relevant news has been leaked so far. 

Some people speculate that there must be no differences between the next-gen and the current version, so EA did not release relevant news. However, according to another EA game - NBA 2K21, the PS5 version of the game has better picture quality and has a new content "The City", so we can look forward to the upcoming Madden21 next-gen on PS5, Xbox Series X /S.

The current version of Madden 21 has been released on PS4 and Xbox One for nearly three months. Recently, EA has also released an update, adding the "Play A Friend" function to The Yard, as well as some players' long-awaited Franchise Mode Improve. According to EA, all currently saved data can be directly transferred to next-gen, because it is related to Franchise mode, Face of the Franchise, The Yard, and MUT. As for more details, we don't know.

This approach has undoubtedly made gamers more curious. If there is no difference in gameplay between the next-gen and the current version, there must be a major leap in visual effects, which will also make fans happy.

Although the game was full of bugs when Madden 21 was first released, EA is constantly fixing bugs. If next-gen does not have any changes in gameplay, then EA will definitely make even greater changes on Madden 22! At least it won't get worse, right?

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