Madden 21: What Can We Expect In The NFL Playoffs Promo
Madden 21: What Can We Expect In The NFL Playoffs Promo

With the advent of NFL Wild Card week, Madden 21 NFL playoffs promotion will also be launched. You will be able to add new and upgraded player cards to your team in various ways.

Players with high rating cards include:

        Tom Brady - Bucs

        Mttchell Trubisky - Bears

        Denzel Ward - Browns

And playoff masters: Steve Smith Sr.

Playoff Heroes

All kinds of cards with 95 OVR will be part of the AFC and NFC in the Madden 21 NFL playoffs. They are the playoffs Heroes.


       Tennessee Titans - QB Ryan Tannehill

       Chiefs - SS Tyrann Mathieu

       Bills - Receiver John Brown

       Steelers - HB James Conner


      Bears - Mitchell Trubisky

      Bears - Akiem Hicks

      Bucs - QB Tom Brady

      Rams - WR Robert Woods

      Seahawks - WR DK Metcalf

You can get a 95 OVR playoff hero item by completing new missions and accumulating 60 stars. In addition, you can also buy packs in the Madden 21 store. If you are lucky enough, you will get them. You can also bid in Auction House.

You can get a 95 OVR playoffs celebration pack by trading in three 89-90 OVR player cards, five 87-88 OVR player cards, and seven 85-86 OVR player cards.

New challenge and rewards

Enter Madden 21 Ultimate Team and head to the challenges, you will find the NFL playoffs celebration. These challenges are characterized by different missions to obtain stars, coins and a 95 OVR NAT playoff hero.

The current series is a celebration of the playoffs, maybe next year. The playoff celebration is worth a total of 56 stars and 6,300 Coins, and maybe next year's value is 44 stars and 4950 Coins.

         * Tier1 - 12 Stars = 1,000 Coins

         * Tier 2 - 24 Stars = 2,000 Coins

         * Tier3 - 36 Stars = 2,000 Coins

         * Tier 4 - 48 Stars = 3,000 Coins

         * Tier5 - 60 Stars = 95 OVR NAT Playoffs Player

         * Tier 6 - 72 Stars = 1,000 Coins

         * Tier7 - 84 Stars = 2,000 Coins

         * Tier 8 - 92 Stars = 3,000 Coins

         * Tier9 - 100 Stars = 5,000 Coins

How to get Master Steve Smith Sr.?

You will get 83 OVR items in the NFL playoff welcome pack when you log into MUT, which has a Quicksell Value of 225 Training.

As for the higher-rating 98 OVR master items, you need to build a set of legends in the weekly NFL playoffs. They will be released in the Wild Card, Divisional and Championship rounds.

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