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Madden 21: Upgraded MCS Cards Feature Shaquill Griffin

Source: GAMEMS

The latest Madden 21 Ultimate Team coincides with the annual Madden Bowl. On Sunday, four upgraded MCS cards appeared in the MUT. These include Dallas Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliott and Jacksonville Jaguars CB Shaquill Griffin.

The latest promotion of Madden 21 Ultimate Team is part of the Madden Bowl, where the skilled gamer will get the belt, bragging rights, and some bonuses. At the same time, MUT fans can benefit from the content drops, including four new MCS cards, each with 98 OVR.


As a star HB of Cowboys, Elliott's statistics are as follows:

Break Tackle - 97

Acceleration - 97

Carrying - 96

Speed - 96

Agility - 95

Change of Direction - 95

Trucking - 94

Shaquill Griffin

Cornerback Shaquill Griffin is a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Zone Cover - 98

Speed - 97

Acceleration - 97

Play Recognition - 95

Jumping - 94

Pass Rush - 94

In addition, WR Allen Lazard and free safety Justin Reid also showed off their new items.

Ultimate Legends

On Saturday, three brand new Madden 21 Ultimate Team player cards appeared in the Ultimate Legends. There are WR Calvin Johnson, CB Richard Seymour, SS Ed Reed. All three of them have 99 OVR with upgrade attributes, and they have gained some important improvements in their respective positions.

With Calvin Johnson, a 21-year Hall of Fame inductee, you will be able to add a threatening WR to your roster. In addition, Megatron has become a popular roster in MUT by virtue of 99 Spectacular Catch, 98 Jump, 97 Deep Route Run, and 97 Speed.

Ed Reed's new cards include 99 Zone Coverage, 99 Play Recognition, 97 Speed, and 97 Acceleration. For Seymour, you can add a right end that boasts 99 Tackle, 99 Block Shed, 98 Strength and 98 Power Moves.

All three player cards will appear in Madden 21's Auction House at different prices. If you have a favorite player, you can use MUT 21 Coins to buy the player card. Of course, good player cards are always valuable, so if you don’t have enough Madden 21 Coins, you can come to GAMEMS to buy a certain amount of Coins. The price of MUT 21 Coins on the market is always fluctuating, and the same is true for the price of MUT 21 Coins on GAMEMS, so when you find that the price has dropped to a certain low point, it must be cost-effective to buy MUT 21 Coins quickly.

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