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Madden 21: Update 1.26 Patch Notes

Mar 18, 2021

Madden 21 update 1.26 has arrived. It is a small update and is currently being rolled out on all platforms. It fixes some bugs and other minor issues, so in fact, there is not much change. The following are all the new content of update 1.26.

There is currently no official patch note for this update, so you just need to turn off the default changelog on the PS4 home menu, but this doesn’t reveal much.

Except for the general changelog, there is not much detail about other information about this patch at present. Once EA releases the official patch notes, GAMEMS will also update relevant news in time. Because this is a minor update, the official patch may not be released for this.

This update is currently available on all platforms, including PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, and Series S/X. And the update size of different platforms is also different, but all systems can expect the download size of this patch.

Compared to the current Madden 21 patch updates, many fans may already be more willing to pay attention to the news of Madden NFL 22. Once EA announces the relevant news, GAMEMS will follow the trend and update the news in time.

But at present, we can only focus on Madden 21. From the current point of view, the demand for MUT 21 Coins has not decreased. Therefore, as a No.1 Madden 21 Coins seller, GAMEMS has been committed to providing players with security and cheap MUT 21 Coins, we can guarantee that all MUT 21 Coins are made manually and are 100% legit. So if you are considering buy MUT 21 Coins, GAMEMS is highly recommended.


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