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Madden 21 Ultimate Team Introduces Free Agency Promo

Mar 18, 2021

With the advent of the NFL offseason, Madden 21 Ultimate Team introduced Free Agency promotion. In the promotion, you can collect some high-rated new cards, including LE JJ Watt and QB Dak Prescott. Both of them have a special option to use any Team Chemistry. In addition to the first time, there are a large number of player items, as well as special reward missions and new Store offers.

Free Agency


There are two 98 overall Masters, they are JJ Watt and Dak Prescott. These cards are only allowed to use any Team Chemistry to help the theme teams in need of any position.

The new JJ Watt card includes: Play Recognition - 99

Strength and Tackling - 98

Power Moves - 97

Block Shedding - 95

Dak Prescott signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys during the offseason, which made headlines.

His cards include: Short Accuracy - 98

Medium Accuracy - 97

Running - 97

Speed - 90

When he stays in Dallas, you can treat him as a member of any team you want in terms of the Chemistry option.


In addition to Master player items, you can also look forward to other Free Agency Heroes and lower-rated items, including WR Allen Robinson II, Le'Veon Bell, Justin Simmons, Leonard Williams, William Jackson III, and Hunter Henry. There are also 12 Elite player cards are available.

Exchange sets

* To get the Master item( JJ Watt, Dak Prescott): two 96 OVR Free Agency Players

* To get the Hero item(Robinson, Bell, Simmons, Jackson III, Williams, Henry): one 94 OVR, one 92-93 OVR, four 87-89 OVR Free Agency players

* To get a random 92-94 OVR Free Agency Player: two 89-90 OVR, two 87-88 OVR, three 85-89 OVR players

* To get a random 87-89 OVR player: one 85-86 OVR, two 83-84 OVR, three 80-82 OVR players


For all available players, there are brand new Free Agency Challenges. Each challenge sequence is worth up to 13000 Madden 21 Coins. There are other milestone rewards, including coins and player items:

10 Stars - 1,000 Coins

20 Stars - 1,000 Coins

30 Stars - 1,000 Coins

40 Stars - 1,000 Coins

50 Stars - 87 OVR Free Agency Player

60 Stars - 1,000 Coins

70 Stars - 1,000 Coins

80 Stars - 1,000 Coins

90 Stars - 1,000 Coins

100 Stars - 96 OVR NAT Fantasy Free Agency Pack

110 Stars - 2,000 Coins

120 Stars - 2,000 Coins

130 Stars - 2,000 Coins

140 Stars - 5,000 Coins

150 Stars - 5,000 Coins

160 Stars - 5,000 Coins

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