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Madden 21: Top Tips From Champion - Henry Leverette

May 21, 2021

Madden 21 has a massive player base. Players are always looking for tips and strategies to improve and get a better gaming experience. Recently, Henry Leverette has given Madden 21 players meaningful and useful tips. Sometimes the best defense is a keen offense.

Who is Henry Leverette?

Henry Leverette is the captain of the Madden Bowl: Draft Edition. He led his team to a major championship when he was 18 years old. Although this is his first major championship, this was Henry's sixth consecutive appearance in the EA Major.

Focus on defense

Although “defense wins championships” is a strategy for many players, Henry's advice is more focused on your opponent's defensive performance. He believes that for new players in Madden 21, the first thing to pay attention to is what their opponents are doing on defense.

For example: if you see a single safety up top, the defensive tactical command is more likely to be a Cover 1 or Cover 3. If you see two safeties in the box, it is likely to be a Cover 0. So pay attention to some little details that are in your favor and can make you survive longer in the game.

Stick Work

Because there are so many different factors in Madden 21, players may wonder where to focus their practice time. In this regard, Henry said that if you can only focus on one part of the game due to time issues, you should focus on your Stick Work, because it will always make you competitive. This is an important part of Madden.

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