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Madden 21: The Latest Pair Of LTDs Leading By Chris Godwin

Apr 09, 2021

MUT will never lack new player cards for gamers to vie for. This week's LTDs include Super Bowl champion - Chris Godwin. And Ryan Kerrigan also appeared in this week's release, so currently, they are both in MUT.

Chris Godwin

As a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay team, Chris Godwin LTD has a 98 OVR, and this Route Runner card boasts 99 in catching. Also:

Short Route Running - 97

Catch in Traffic - 97

Speed - 96

Spectacular Catch - 96

Medium Route Running - 96

These stats are so impressive, you will never want to miss him.

Ryan Kerrigan

If you need a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, then Ryan Kerrigan from the Washington Football Team may be the right person you are looking for. Kerrigan LTD also has a 98 OVR. His top stats are a threat, his Play Recognition and Power Moves are both 98. Also:

Acceleration - 94

Strength - 94

Tackling - 94

These excellent stats are enough to anchor any MUT defensive line. If you are considering getting Kerrigan or Godwin, you need to log in between 9 pm - 11 pm ET on Friday, April 9th to get this year's Golden Tickets.

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