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Madden 21: The Latest LTD Is Saints' Alvin Kamara

Source: GAMEMS

Madden 21 Ultimate Team is always able to obtain consistent new content in the game, which brings freshness to gamers. Now, Alvin Kamara as the latest MUT 21 LTD will continue this trend.

The four-time Pro Bowl running back from the New Orleans Saints joins now. Kamara's stats make him more eye-catching than other MUT players.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team always launches some of the best player cards so that you can build the strongest and most formidable team. Moreover, LTDs provide new options every week and introduce some of the strongest players. The same principle applies to the new 98 OVR LTD for Alvin Kamara, this New Orleans Saints running back can instantly make some difference to your team.

Alvin Kamara LTD player

Having a reliable running back will bring a huge change to the game, which is why he can make such rapid progress in any Ultimate Team in Madden 21.

His specific stats are as follows:

Agility - 98

Acceleration - 97

Speed - 96

Carrying - 93

In addition to the above ratings, Kamara's most destructive stats are his amazing 98 in Break Tackle and 97 in Change of Direction, both of which are huge threats to the most capable defense.

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