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Madden 21: The Latest Golden Ticket Players Are All Must-haves!

May 08, 2021

Madden 21 is still rolling strong in the Ultimate Team, and the return of promo Golden Ticket has officially ushered in the second release, in which QB Derek Carr leads this pack.

Four new Golden Ticket players were released in MUT, and they are now available in Madden 21.

The four players' OVR reached 99, which means they are at the top level, so on the MUT 21 court, they are a huge threat. They not only have 99 OVR but also two or more attributes at 99.

MUT 21 Golden Ticket

Derek Carr (QB) - 99 OVR

Perhaps Golden Ticket Derek Carr will be the biggest addition this time, and this 99 OVR version as a Field General will be shocking.

Throw Under Power - 99

Running - 99

Deep Route Accuracy - 99

These attributes will make him an important role in MUT.

Jalen Reagor(WR) - 99 OVR

Golden Ticket Jalen Reagor joined the MUT as a Deep Threat, and his stats reinforce this.

Jumping - 99

Deep Route Running - 99

Speed - 98

These stats allow him and Carr to cooperate perfectly to make big plays.

Derick Roberson(ROLB) - 99 OVR

Speed Rusher Derick Roberson's moves can enhance your defense.

Power Moves - 99

Finesse Moves - 99

Tackle - 99

Acceleration - 98

These can help him rush to his opponent quickly.

Giant Delpit(FS) - 99 OVR

He joined Golden Ticket as a Hybrid Free Safety, and his unique data makes him a player that cannot be underestimated.

Hit Power - 99

Zone Coverage - 99

Tackle - 99

Pursuit - 99

These data are enough to make him a nightmare for any offense.

So these 4 players are all must-haves. If you want to get any player cards you like, you need to prepare sufficient MUT 21 Coins.

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