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Madden 21: Some Great “Ghosts Of Madden” Cards In MUT

Source: GAMEMS

Since the release of Madden 21, EA has been adding new content to MUT. Madden Ghosts Cards are released from the end of December to January, which makes all fans look forward to it. Some Ghosts cards can still be used in the matches because their basic stats are impressive.

Among the current 32 player cards, some players can be considered for use in your team. But there is no offensive lineman. The following are the specific player cards:

Alvin Kamara

A few months ago, this card was the best. Since then, EA has introduced some new player cards to surpass Ghosts of Kamara. This card is so powerful because of its short and intermediate receiving stats. Kamara's speed and jukes allow him to run any slot receiver route to perfection. So, in a game where running backs are facing linebackers, you don’t want to miss it.

Bo Jackson

With the Bo Jackson card, you will be able to run the ball on the court with 96 acceleration, 94 agility, and jukes above 90 threshold. Jackson is strong enough to truck linemen with 95 trucking and 88 strength. But his received stat is not good enough, so based on this point, he is not as good as Kamara.

Isaiah Simmons

This card features 95 speed, 95 tackling, 94 man coverage, and 99 zone coverage. At present, Simmons is an S-tier safety that all gamers want to have. The only weakness of this card is after an interception, because his ball-carrying stat is not up to standard.

Rod Woodson

As a cornerback, Woodson can be said to be perfect. This card is very fast and all coverage stats are above 93. In terms of pass defense, Woodson has the best card so far, and his aggressive trait will ensure you have enough chances for interceptions.

Tony Gonzalez

His basic speed is 91 and acceleration is 92. Except for deep route running, his receiving stats are above 93. Gonzalez can almost surpass all defenders.

This card also has good after-the-catch stats, but it did not reach the 90 juke threshold. But its only disadvantage is run blocking. You will only use him in the slot or pass-heavy sets.

If your team still lacks some outstanding players, you can consider using MUT 21 Coins to buy some player cards you need.

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