Madden 21: RB Raheem Mostert From 49ers Wants To Get A Speed Upgrade
Madden 21: RB Raheem Mostert From 49ers Wants To Get A Speed Upgrade

Raheem Mostert from the 49ers is now the fastest RB in Madden 21. Based on this, he thinks he should get a higher rating of speed. In fact, his idea is not wrong.

Mostert has two fastest runs of 2020 seasons by NFL next-gen stats. In Week 2, an 80-yard touchdown against the Jets, in which he was recorded at 23.09 miles per hour. And a 76-yard catch in Week 1 against the Cardinals, in which he reached 22.73 MPH. On Saturday, Mostert posted his highlights of the two runs on his Instagram account and asked Madden 21 to increase his speed rating to 99. In fact, Mostert was not the first player who asks for his speed rating to be 99. The Kansas Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill also made this request in 2018. After a conversation with the game publisher EA Sports, his rating was raised to 99. Hill is currently the fastest player in the game, followed by Henry Ruggs from Raiders with 98 points, and Mostert, Ravens receiver Marquise Brown, Eagles receiver Marquise Goodwin, and Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman at 97.

We still don't know if Mostert's request can be fulfilled. If anyone can have the same level as Hill, it would be Mostert. Mostert performed well in the track at Purdue University, having achieved a 10.15-second record and a 20.65-second record in the 100m and 200m dash respectively. Hill once ran 200 meters with a time of 20.14 and 100 meters with a time of 10.19 seconds. Hill's fastest run in the 2020 season reached a peak speed of 21.91 seconds. So we have reason to think that his speed rating in Madden 21 has a chance to rise to 99.

If Madden 21 can meet his requirements, GAMEMS will also update relevant news in time. Once Mostert's speed rating is increased to 99, he will definitely become a popular RB among gamers.

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