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Madden 21: Out Of Position For Jamal Adams & Ghosts Of Madden Present For Tre'Davious White

As Zero Chill progresses, you will also get a new Madden 21 Out of Position and Ghost of Madden player cards, and today (that is, December 28th), there will be new player items that will appear in the game. The two players mentioned are Jamal Adams and Tre'Davious White.

Out of Position

Out Of Position has always been very popular among gamers. It is to place players in positions where they don't often play. This undoubtedly brings freshness to gamers. For example, Ladainian Tomlinson will play the role of a quarterback or a QB playing kicker, this is also a good opportunity to test a player's comprehensive abilities. Therefore, a new OOP player card will appear, he is Jamal Adams, appearing as right outside linebacker. He is a star of the Seattle Seahawks with 95 OVR.

His new OOP Card include: Play Recognition: 95

                                            Speed: 92

                                            Acceleration: 91

                                            Block Shedding: 80

In addition to this card, he has a 90 OVR for Ultimate Kickoff, as well as a Core Elite of 84 OVR, 81 TOTW and his Power Up.

Other OOP player cards are as follows:

                                                      Deion Sander - 95 OVR-WR

                                                      Calvin Johnson - 95-FS

                                                      Tayson Hill - 95 OVR-TE

Ghosts Of Madden

Another important part of Zero Chill is the Ghosts of Madden series, where you will find the Past, Present and even Future NFL stars. One player that will appear in that is Tre'Davious White. This cornerback from Buffalo Bill has a 95 OVR, which includes:

                              Man Coverage: 96

                              Pass Rush: 95

                              Zone Coverage: 94

                              Speed: 93

                              Agility: 93

Once his player card is released, and it may also be sought after by the majority of gamers.

Christmas also brings players many new cards including Ghosts of Madden Past.

                                      Rod Woodson - defensive

                                     Tony Gonzalez - TE

                                      Larry Fitzgerald - WR

Other Ghosts Of Madden: Bo Jackson - 96 OVR

                                             Alvin Kamara - 95 OVR

                                             J.J. Watt - 95 OVR

If there are players you like above, it’s worth spending MUT 21 Coins for them, although their cards are not a small amount of Madden 21 Coins. Maybe that player card will cost all MUT 21 Coins that you've been accumulated for a long time.

Compared to grind MUT 21 Coins in the game, many players think that buying MUT 21 Coins is a better choice, because it greatly reduces unnecessary time and allows you to concentrate on the game itself. When it comes to buying Madden 21 Coins, GAMEMS is worth recommending, because after comparing the prices of MUT 21 Coins on other websites, you will find that buying MUT 21 Coins from GAMEMS is the most cost-effective! 

And we also provide fast delivery and considerate customer service. As long as you encounter any problems during the purchase process, you can seek the help of our staff, and they will help you solve them in a short time.

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