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Madden 21: MUT Heavyweights Introduces 5 New Players

Mar 11, 2021

Madden 21 will often add new content to the MUT, and the latest content of MUT 21 is Heavyweights. All 5 players have impressive statistics, which means they are what you want to add to your MUT.


Madden 21's latest player cards take on a new Heavyweights theme, and there are 5 outstanding players you should not want to miss. Every player comes with 95 OVR, and they are excellent in their respective positions.

Dee Ford(LE) - 49ers

If you want to add a speed rusher to strengthen your defensive line, then Dee Ford is worthy of attention. This new Heavyweights version of Ford is rocking top stats in many categories, with 90+ in Tackle, Power Moves, and Block Shedding. The 96 Finesse Moves and 95 Play Recognition are also not to be underestimated.

Shaq Mason(RG) - Patriots

Sometimes you also need an offensive line to make all the difference, Shaq Mason is such a player. His highest rating is Run Block with 95 and Run Block Power with 96. He has top-notch performance in all aspects. With seven 93+ ratings, you won't want to miss a good lineman.

Rob Havenstein(RT) - Chargers

If you want to improve the agility of your team, then this should be Havenstein. As a Right Tackle for the Patriots, his data is also impressive:

Pass Block - 96

Pass Block Finesse - 96

Awareness - 96

Run Block Finesse - 96

Eddie Goldman(DT) - Chicago Bears

Heavyweights is not just to strengthen the offensive side of the ball, Eddie Goldman is a good defensive player. He has 96 Tackle and 96 Block Shedding. Defensive Tackle Eddie Goldman is an asset for any defense of MUT 21. Although his Speed, Finesse Moves, and Acceleration are somewhat lacking, Goldman is still worth joining your team.

Anthony Sherman(FB) - Chiefs

Sherman was the last player to appear in Heavyweights. The 32-year-old defender has contributed to the Chiefs offense since 2013. Sherman just announced his retirement, his data here is very suitable:

Lead Blocking - 96

Impact Blocking - 95

Carrying - 95

Awareness - 95

If you want to make a difference in MUT, then you don't want to miss Sherman. As for the MUT 21 Coins you need in the game, you can buy them from GAMEMS. With enough Madden 21 Coins, you can get the players you like in the game. Therefore, to build a strong team, having many MUT 21 Coins is a necessary prerequisite.

If you are a gamer of Madden 21, you can always pay attention to GAMEMS, we will update related news, game guides and some tips.


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