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Madden 21: More Details About Next-Gen

Nov 23, 2020

Madden 21 has been receiving gamers' attention recently, because on December 4th, its next-gen will be launched on PS5, XBOX Series S/X. Although since its first release, it has received mixed reviews from gamers, this is not a big case. It still has a high popularity.

The Face of the Franchise mode has always been popular with gamers, because in this mode, you can recruit new players from high school to the big leagues. Another well-known mode is The Yard, which highlights the characteristics of NFL Street, but unfortunately, life hasn't been here for a long time. Others don't like this mode because it has not enough ingenuity.


So maybe fans of Madden 21 are speculating whether these two will change on next-gen. As the release date approaches, a new trailer for the game has been released. Obviously, the visual effects and capabilities of next-gen have been significantly improved. In the trailer, many pictures are very real, even like movie-level images. This will make the player more immersed in the game to some extent, this is also a point that EA should be praised.

New Features

A new change is the use of RFID tags, which have been embedded in the players' shoulder pads, which is conducive to tracking various movement data of them, which can affect animations, acceleration rates and movements.

And in next-gen, each player has its own unique data, and you can clearly feel the differences from the previous version. Once the new version is launched, you will be able to feel more realistic control and be able to use unprecedented individual attributes.

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