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Madden 21: How To Playmaker?

Mar 08, 2021

The playmaker mechanic in Madden 21 will remind your receiver which area to run to, helping you gain an advantage after the snap. This feature is powerful. When you can predict your opponent's movement and their defensive backs, after the game starts, if you can quickly point your receiver in a certain direction, you will find a gap for big yards.

How to use the Playmaker?

Once the ball is snapped, the playmaker mechanic is useful. Once you snap the ball, you can use the right thumbstick in the direction you want the receiver closest to you to run to.

This only applies to the receiver closest to you, whether it is a running back, TE, or WR. You can use this method to let the player closest to you find an open space when the other receiver has no open space, so if your designed gameplay fails, you can use the nearby open space to save a few yards.

You need to have enough time to get a receiver close to you, so you must be patient and wisely arrange the position of the receiver. This playmaker ability can save you from being sacked, if your defender falls asleep on his coverage, you can give him a big yard score, or if you don't use it correctly, you can give your opponent an easy pick-6.

If used properly, the playmaker ability is very important to you. It allows you to control two players at the same time on offense. Use this to play against one player who cannot focus on two players at the same time.

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