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Madden 21: How To Intercept? (Specific Details)

May 10, 2021

In Madden 21, nothing is more important than intercepting the ball. Whether it is a winning pick that can destroy the opponent's hope in the end zone, or a swing with 14 points from a pick-six, the interceptions are always huge. Here are some details about intercepting passes.

How to intercept?

Interceptions come in various shapes, sizes, and difficulties. A novice quarterback is easy to intercept because he will throw up ducks all over the field. But a player with rich experience will really test your defensive acumen with fast and accurate passes. For the previous situation, you don't need any good players to intercept the ball. The batted balls can easily be caught by the linemen, and some LBs can even catch the ball on the fly. But if you want a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, then a ball-hawking corner or safety like Richard Sherman or Anthony Harris will make intercepting passes easier.



When a pass is flying through the air and your defender is within range, you can sit back and watch them go for it, but this is not the best strategy. You can press the Y (Xbox) or triangle (PS) button to let the CPU defender reach out and grab it.


This is better than the choice of completely hands-off, but the great Madden players will take another approach. You can change the defender you control by pressing B (Xbox) or Circle (PS). This will transfer your control to the defender, and then you can press Y or Triangle to go for the int.

This is all about how to intercept passes in Madden 21. You just need to pay attention to some defenders who are better than others, so you need to spend time perfecting your strategy and skills. Of course, if there are good players joining, then that would be unstoppable.

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