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Madden 21: How To Beat Cover Zone Coverage(Cover 2 and Cover 3)

May 25, 2021

The most successful teams in the NFL are highly offensive teams. They can see the opponent's defensive formation and take advantage of the opponent's weaknesses. Man coverage is very easy to handle, but Zone Coverage will make things more complicated. Here is how to identify and handle defensive running zone coverage in Madden 21.

What’s zone coverage?

The most common zone plays are Cover 2 and Cover 3. This usually means how many players will be placed in the downfield to protect against deep plays. When you choose your play, the two teams will line up to prepare for hiking football. If the players line up in front of your WRs, they are likely to run man coverage and will follow those players wherever they run (unless they are blitzing).

Zone Coverage will be obvious because they will be defending a portion of the field, instead of trying to mask your player's movement, they will usually give your receivers space on the line of scrimmage.

Once the ball is hiked, they will run to any area they set and will react to the movements of the football instead of taking a positive approach to the player movements. This is especially useful for passing plays, because the defensive team has been fully focused on football. Throw the ball into their zone and they are more likely to try to intercept on the pass.

The slower teams may choose zone plays because they don't necessarily need to keep up with fast receivers. Zone coverage is more focused on limiting damage or knocking down passed balls, rather than forcing the yardage losses on plays.

How to beat zone coverage?

The way to beat a zone coverage is to throw the ball where there are no defenders. Zone coverage plays react to football, not to the receiver. This means that if your receivers are running highly moving routes, they have a better chance of getting significant yardage. Because in traditional zone play, only defenders will rush past your quarterback, which means you will have enough time to get rid of the ball.

If you decide to run the ball with the quarterback, these tactics should give your quarterback a lot of opportunities to gain yards, but you also need to make sure to slide past when defenders are close so that avoid injury or fumbles.

Cover 2

If the defense uses Cover 2, their two safeties will be playing back on both sides of the court. If you have a route running to the midfield behind the linebackers, you can get significant yardage.

Cover 3

If the defense uses Cover 3, they will also have an extra player to cover the middle deep down the field, but they should leave a mid-range to get a good gain.

Way to exploit a zone coverage

Another way to use area coverage is to have your receivers, TEs, RBs on one side of the court. At this time, the defender will have ordinary players who will not immediately conflict with your players because they are covering their zones.

In addition, running plays against zone defenders has certain limitations. Although it is very useful for short yardage gains, unless your RB breaks tackles, you are unlikely to get more than 10 yards. The defense reacts to the ball, so if your RB crosses the line of scrimmage, it will make everyone watching the ball react to them and catch them.

These are details about beat zone coverage. After you know the relevant strategy, you can practice more to ensure success. In addition, excellent players are also necessary. You can choose players with excellent attributes according to your needs so that they can be perfectly complete your instructions.

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