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Madden 21 Gudie: The Best Offensive Schemes

May 07, 2021

In Madden, every outstanding team has a great playbook, which has flexible schemes that allow you to gain advantages in any situation. There are also many best offensive schemes in Madden 21, and we have selected a few of the deadliest ones!

Gun Ace Slot Offset

You can find a Gun formation in the Patriot playbook. First, you want to change your formation so that your offense has more options on the court.

The audibles should be PA Bubble, Inside Zone, Levels Y Sail, and China Double in. Posts that you will be able to stand out of the huddle. This is one of the hardest plays to defend in this game.

The man on the X-route should be a speedster. It is difficult to deal with the outside post and out-run coverages. The slot should also have a good speed rating, not only for the post but for PA Bubble run. A receiver with Grab-N-Go ability like Tyreek Hill would be perfect in this position.

Your RB is also vital to this play: In Posts, his angle route is almost guaranteed to be easy yards, and your opponent is worried about receivers out wide. This play is a nightmare for man defense, Cover 2, and even zones.

Gun Bunch TE

You can find it in the New York Jets Playbook. If there is speed around you, not just your receiver, this offensive scheme is fatal.

Starting from TE Corner, you have many short and deep choices. Without relying on much blocking, receivers with great route running can counter zone coverage and blitz in this formation. The key is three closely tight-knit receivers opposite to the TE, running either a post, curl or flat. The receiver moving from a similar spot to a different direction can create a large space.

If you have a good receiver like Alvin Kamara or Christian McCaffrey, they will be a threat.

All these options come to a formation, which makes your arsenal almost uncontrollable. Because your opponent cannot stop your every read, if you know how to use the hot routes correctly, then short bursts will result in a 30-yard bomb attack, which will make the defender lose his way in any defensive set.

Pistol Trips

The preferred audibles for this are Smash, Stronger Power, PA Ctr Waggle and PA HB Flat. These plays are interchangeable, considering that this playbook has more solid plays in Pistol formation or reliable Gun. Having a TE with TE Apprentice ability in Madden 21 is very helpful.

For this play, you can choose Curl Flat or Smash play. In most games, your RB will be set to block for extra coverage. Your best receiver should be the middle receiver of the three. He can run a deep post route off to make a big separation, The crosser at TE can also intimidate the defender to the ball in the middle, and your outside receivers can create separation for a potential deep ball.

This is the best offensive scheme in Madden 21. For more Madden 21 guides, you can browse GAMEMS.

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