Madden 21 Guide: How To Win The TOTW Week 1 Challenge?
Madden 21 Guide: How To Win The TOTW Week 1 Challenge?

Players can realize their dream team fantasy with TOTW in Madden21. This guide will help players win the TOTW challenge. For novices, the TOTW (Team Of The Week) challenge allows players to use retired or active teammates in a certain team. This means that gamers can create their ultimate team with players who are now in the league and those who have not been active for decades. This allows players to choose many customization options during the game. Madden 21 will release new challenges every week. 

This guide will show players how to win the TOTW Week 1 challenge.

The right way to win these challenges is to collect all of the new cards present this season. The player will need to beat the Minnesota Vikings as the Green Bay Packers. To win, it is best to kick off at 25. The best play as well would be the Four Vertical. In this set, all the players have to do is outplay their opponents. Make sure to play carefully and slowly without taking much of a risk. This is what comes along with each set of cards for Week 1.

Vikings WR Adam Thielen: 2 cards

Chiefs DT Chris Jones: 2 cards

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: 1 card

Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore: 1 card

The best way to win these cards is to play the game shortly after the promo starts. If the player decides to do this at the beginning, then getting the cards will be more challenging, because this is when many players are active.

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