Madden 21 Guide: How To Trade For Deshaun Watson?
Madden 21 Guide: How To Trade For Deshaun Watson?

Since Deshaun Watson wants to leave the Houston Texans, many NFL teams will try to negotiate with this player. When fans are curious about the result, you can establish a Watson trade in Madden 21. No matter what ideas you have, you have 31 options. Here are some transactions that can be simulated, and you can get the three-time Pro Bowler as your reward.

Miami Dolphins

There is a rumor that Deshaun Watson will go to the Miami Dolphins in the off-season. They performed very well last season. In Madden, they don't have a high-rated player, but they are trying their best to maximize their potential. Among them, the most recent rookie Tua Tagovailoa has enough potential to attract the attention of Texans and plug him with an extra asset and draft compensation.

Besides, Watson's salary before his contract kicks was only about $10 million, which means you can easily match his salary. With the right draft picks, you can transform the Dolphins into contenders in AFC.

Carolina Panthers

Watson and Christian McCaffrey in the Panthers seem to be a match made in heaven. The Panthers have recently been struggling and have achieved 5-11 in the past two seasons. Terry Bridgewater is not the team's choice. In the upcoming draft, the Panthers will have a high draft pick, which is a very valuable asset for trading players like Watson. Add in one or two young players and a future draft pick, and you can get the most promising QB/RB combination in the league.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos is another choice. They chose Watson in real life and Madden, which is very interesting. Like the Panthers, the Broncos has been unsatisfactory in the past few seasons, and Drew Lock has not yet become a starting NFL quarterback. So, if you want a certified star QB like Watson, you need to spend a lot.

Broncos also has a high pick in the first round of the NFL draft, which already covers a considerable price tag to secure Watson. Sending out players like Drew Lock, plus two starter-quality RBs Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsey, the future draft capital will be sufficient.

In any case, in Madden 21, your possibilities are limitless. You can try as many different teams as possible to find the most suitable team for Deshaun Watson.

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