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Madden 21 Guide: How To Throw A Touch Pass?

In Madden 21, the passing mechanics of the game is a big play. If you want to really volley a deep ball as Lamar Jackson does, you need to learn how to perform an excellent touch pass.

Bullet passes are usually intercepted by the opponent, but good timing and accuracy will allow your receiver to make a difference between turnover and touchdown. Whether you are in Franchise mode, MUT, Face of the Franchise, Super KO, these techniques are helpful.

How to throw a Touch Pass?

When the ball snapped, the quarterback in the pocket ready to fire, press and release the receiver icon. Don't press the button too quickly, or don't hold it down for too long. To do this perfectly, you need to practice timing in order to find the perfect timing.

* To perform a bullet pass: you need to hold the button

* To perform a lob pass: you need to tap it

So a good touch pass needs to be between holding and tapping the receiver button, whether you are a PC user, PlayStation user or Xbox user, the operation is the same.

You can go to Exhibition-Skills-Trainer-Basic Offense-Passing Mechanics. There, you can practice your touch pass, in addition to other moves. In order to better master the touch pass, you can play against the AI-controlled team and only play offense, or just train as a quarterback.

Once you master it well, your chances of winning in the game will also increase. A good strategy with excellent players will surely allow you to quickly occupy the dominant position of the arena. As for MUT 21 Coins, which can make you stronger, you can grind in the game, but it will also take you a lot of time. For most gamers, grinding Madden 21 Coins is not a wise choice, so they usually choose to buy MUT 21 Coins, which can guarantee their gaming experience. If you are also looking for a website that sells cheap MUT 21 Coins, then you don't want to miss GAMEMS. As the No.1 MUT 21 Coins seller, GAMEMS can be fully trusted, and we provide fast delivery, which can also guarantee your gaming experience to the greatest extent.

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