Madden 21 Guide: How To Hurdle?
Madden 21 Guide: How To Hurdle?

Madden 21 brings a new and spectacular football simulation. Some things have changed, while others remain the same. Players have retired, switched teams, or are brand new members of the league. Some teams have new names, such as Las Vegas Raiders and Washington Football Team.

But one thing has not changed, is the controls. Madden 21 has some new features, but the base controls that have been found in Madden throughout the years remain the same. Players will still press the same buttons on their controller of choice to run, pass, select a play and more.

Hurdling in Madden 21

A hurdle is when a player simply jumps over another person and then continues to run. This is easy to do in Madden 21. When controlling the offensive player with the ball, press the Triangle on a PlayStation controller and Y on an Xbox controller. This will cause the controlled player to leap into the air and try to hurdle over a defender to keep the play alive.


Another method is known as the "jurdle", which is a combination of the words juke and hurdle. A Juke is when a player does a bit of a stutter-step of sorts in order to make the defender think that he is going one way, but actually goes another. A jurdle is done when pressing the hurdle button along with flicking the left stick to either side. It doesn't jump the same, but it may cause the defender some serious problems.

The main thing to remember when performing one of the hurdle methods is to do so with a sense of responsibility. Timing is essential. A hurdle can be the difference between continuing the play for more yards or being driven to the turf and injured. Hurdling also makes the ball holder more open to fumbling. Jumping over defenders can make for some great plays, but can also be detrimental if done without enough thought.

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