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Madden 21 Guide: How To Do A Perfect Stiff-Arm

In Madden, stiff-arm has always been favored by gamers because it can effectively prevent a tackle from your defender and continue to gain yards. There may be some people who don't know much about this. This move is a common action used by ball holders, using their one arm to block and push away a defender who is trying to intercept them. If you can use the stiff-arm proficiently, when you use it against defenders in the arena, you are like a big brother who can easily control a little brother, and leave them on the ground when you move along the sideline. If you want to try this skill in Madden 21, you can continue reading this article!

How to do

To do the stiff-arm, you need to press A on Xbox One, X on PS4 while holding the ball.

To successfully complete this action, you need to make sure that the defender you want to push back is on the side of your free arm. For example, if your defender is on your left and your left arm is free, then you can use your left arm to complete the stiff-arm.

And it's very important to find the right time. Performing the stiff-arm too early will make it easy for the defender to detect and easily overcome your move. If you do it too late and miss the perfect timing, you will be tackled.

Once you have mastered the stiff-arm, then you need a player with a high stiff-arm rating to complete this action. Each player in Madden 21 has its own corresponding stiff-arm rating, but we list 10 of The best offensive players:

                                                                  Titans - Derrick Henry (98)

                                                                  Saints - Alvin Kamara (92)

                                                                  Jets - Le'Veon Bell (91)

                                                                  Seahawks - Chris Carson (91)

                                                                  Steelers - James Conner (90)

                                                                  Broncos - Melvin Gordon III (90)

                                                                  Lions - Kerryon Johnson (89)

                                                                  Cowboys - Ezekiel Elliot (89)

                                                                  Browns - Nick Chubb (88)

                                                                  Raiders - Josh Jacobs (88)

I believe you already know how to perform stiff-arm after reading this. If you already have a good player, you can try it right away. If you don't have a player with a good stiff-arm rating, then the effect of stiff-arm performing may be slightly worse. If you have enough Madden 21 Coins, it is necessary to have a player with a high stiff-arm rating. If you are short of MUT 21 Coins, you can choose to go to GAMEMS to buy some cheap MUT 21 Coins. This is the fastest way to get your favorite player.

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