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Madden 21 Guide: How To Challenge A Play?

If there are Madden 21 fans who do not know how to challenge the play in the game, maybe this article can help you. 

Many gamers struggle in challenging plays that they think the referee did wrong, but, under normal circumstances, when you try to challenge a play, the button will be locked and say "There is nothing to challenge". If you have encountered this problem, here are some ways to challenge the plays.

For new gamers, some plays cannot be challenged because they will be automatically reviewed by the game. All scoring plays will be automatically reviewed, which is why if you want to challenge the sideline interceptions or a close fumble, it is impossible, because the game will be automatically reviewed.

Except for these types of games, any content less than two minutes cannot be challenged. To challenge a call that has not been automatically reviewed, it must be a challenge on either a catch was complete or yardage. To challenge this, after the play is over, click the pause button and scroll to the "Challenge" option. However, in Madden 21, which content can be challenged and which content cannot be challenged are very selective.

For many Madden 21 gamers, even calls such as yardage or catches cannot be challenged. They will receive a locked challenge button that says "There's nothing to challenge". This can be very frustrating, because everything should be challenging, just like in a real NFL game.

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