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Madden 21 Glitch: Weird Overtime Finish For Simulation Game

Source: GAMEMS

The NFL is currently considering changing its overtime rules again. A few years ago, the rules changed, from the standard sudden death format to allowing each team to have at least one chance to catch the ball, provided that a touchdown was not scored by one of the two teams. However, in Madden 21, the overtime setup seems to have changed dramatically.

A gamer of Madden 21 noticed a rather comical finish in franchise mode. Between the weekly matches, you can see the updates of other matches in the league. One game has an interesting result. This may be the result of the latest update of Madden 21.

The gamer recounted his experience in Madden 21. A week 9 result between the Cardinals and Dolphins ended in overtime, Arizona defeated Miami 34-7. According to the current NFL overtime rules format, in Madden, overtime the final score is impossible. Although fans want to see the relatively popular Madden 21 improve in many aspects, they are not interested in the overtime issue. Even the new proposed NFL overtime rules do not allow a 34-7 score. According to the current overtime rules, if a game enters overtime and the score is 7-7, then the highest score maybe 10-16.

Fans are full of expectations for Madden 22, including the Franchise Mode, more MUT content, and the next-generation game upgrade. Although the small problems of wanting to play overtime seem trivial, they slowly accumulate and become a problem for fans. EA has promised that Madden 22 will change the Franchise Mode of the game. In fact, Madden NFL and NFL itself operate in a similar way. The NFL usually promises to make changes in the next few years, and fans will think it can make real-time changes in the upcoming season. Fans are eager to see the Madden series continue to improve, which means everything from the modes having legitimate enhancements to glitches being worked on.

In any case, fans can only focus on Madden 21 before the release of Madden 22. If you have not yet formed a team that satisfies you, it is necessary to prepare some MUT 21 Coins. You can use it to get the player cards you need in the game. If you are looking for a place that sells cheap MUT 21 Coins, then GAMEMS is a wise choice. GAMEMS not only provides cheap MUT 21 Coins, but also provides considerate customer service. If you encounter any problems during the purchase process, you can ask our staff immediately, they are online 24/7 and can solve your problems quickly.

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