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Madden 21: Franchise Fixes Rebalance Trade Logic

Madden 21 will release the final round of the three-round update of the game franchise mode on March 4. Although the updated content is very detailed and technical in the areas of processing and improvement, it also meets the long-term needs of Franchise lifers who think that the new game has done little to improve the core mode.

The core change is to redesign the trading logic of game players and the overall evaluation of players. This means that some inconsistencies have been fixed, that is, the value of high-rated players in the CPU team has been significantly reduced. For example, a talented player, although not a starter in the old team, will be a starter on the one being offered, and will be regarded as a backup level of value by the old trade logic. Vice versa. Middle-rated players can sometimes trade one-for-one with star players because they can all be ranked high in their respective teams' depth charts. Now the CPU can expect more in the trade or simply refuse such offers.

In other cases, if the players' prototypes don't meet the current team's playbook scheme, then when they are placed in the trading block, their value will also be underestimated. These problems can be solved by the patch.

Another major change is the quality of life feature that Madden lifers have long required: a record of all award winners, Super Bowl participants, championships and other data, and a multi-year life cycle of Franchise. In Maddens so far, the overall statistics of the players' careers are retained, but they are not divided by year. Unless someone writes it in a three-ring binder, the other realistic result you created will disappear at the beginning of the new season.

Since the release of Madden 21, fans have been asking for Franchise to be fixed, and EA has also reacted to this. We don't know if these three rounds of updates will satisfy fans.

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