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Madden 21: Ex-Vikings LB Eric Wilson Signed To Eagles!

Source: GAMEMS

The Eagles signed two veterans to the free agency on Wednesday, linebacker Eric Wilson and running back Jordan Howard to sign a one-year contract for the 2021 season. The two joined the free agency group, including safeties Andrew Adams and Anthony Harris, and quarterback Joe Flacco, and all of them both joined Philadelphia on a one-year contract.

This is a strategy for the Eagles to rebuild their lineup during this transition period. Most of the draft will come from the NFL, and the Eagles will have 11 options starting April 29. Over time, young players become more mature, and they are expected to perform better.

In 2020, Wilson has achieved brilliant results in the fourth season of Vikings:

Starting 15 games

118 total tackles

9 quarterback hits

8 tackles for loss

3 quarterback sacks

He has 25 starts in 4 seasons and 234 career tackles. In 2017, he signed Minnesota as a non-drafted player and worked his way up the linebacker. 

At the same time, the Eagles' linebacker is completely open, so Wilson has a chance to win important playing time in 2021. Adding Wilson to the guard team looking for playmakers is a smart, risk-free move.

Introduce a large number of young players through the draft and join some veterans. This is how you build your player lineup. So Wilson fits the player's mold, and he can make the most of this moment. He has 4 years of NFL experience and signed in the late free agency. He was the best ball carrier for three seasons in Chicago, and now he is also trying to find a good fit in the league.

The NFL draft is coming soon, and the free agency market is still open to the Eagles. They are patiently selecting suitable candidates, welcoming competition in various ways, shapes and forms.

After Eric Wilson signed with the Eagles, this has aroused the cheers of many fans, and fans are looking forward to his more impressive performance in the 2021 season. If you are also a Madden 21 gamer, you can also consider letting him join your team. As for the MUT 21 Coins for buying his player card, you can come to GAMEMS to buy them at any time.

GAMEMS, as a professional service provider for the Madden series of games, not only provides Madden 21 Coins, but once Madden 22 is released, GAMEMS will also provide cheap MUT 22 Coins.

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