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Madden 21 Deserves Another Chance! It Tracked NFL Player Movements Over 5 Years Just For Improving The Game 

Nov 19, 2020

Madden 21 will use player movements tracked for more than 5 years to improve the game. The next generation of PS5 and XBOX Series X/S will be released on December 4. It's Not like what we think, many gamers thought it did not provide any substantial changes, and even gave it the lowest rating, thinking it is the worst game.

Madden is a football game officially authorized by the NFL, which means that it has a close connection with the real NFL. The decisions made by the NFL will have a certain impact on the game, but it is not a decisive role.

For example, Colin Kaepernick recently appeared in Madden 21, but in reality, he was rejected in 2016 by the NFL because of the BLM protest. This shows that Madden and the NFL also have differences in some aspects. It is also controversial that the 2021 Pro Bowl will be held virtually on Madden 21.

But EA has always wanted to make a different game to satisfy fans. In the past five years, the League has been using Amazon's cloud computing service AWS to track and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of players through RFID chips attached to the players' uniforms. So as to improve the team's strategy. Because this is a great idea, Madden 21 will use these in the next-gen to make the player's movements more realistic. We all hope the introduction of this technology can make the game better than before.

Compared with the previous model, this is a change worth celebrating. Aside from EA's loot box sales practices, this is actually an excellent system and impressive. We don't know if this improvement can bring gamers a better gaming experience, because gamers who have been complaining for a long time seem to gradually lose patience. If next-gen still disappoints them, then EA may really need to change a batch of Madden developers. Hope Madden 21 next-gen will bounce back and give everyone a surprise.

Madden 21 sucks now, but everyone has learned to have fun in hardship, at least some jokes made by bugs can bring everyone joy...

Now we can only wait patiently for the arrival of next-gen, GAMEMS will continue to pay attention to relevant news, and we will update the news in time. Stay tuned to GAMEMS, in case you miss the latest news.

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