Madden 21 Dallas Cowboys: Best Players You Should Use In MUT
Madden 21 Dallas Cowboys: Best Players You Should Use In MUT

The NFL is in full swing. Not only fans are paying attention, but the gamers of Madden 21 are also very concerned about it. In Madden 21's MUT mode, you can build your own dream team, which is undoubtedly a very huge temptation for football fans. Cards of modern superstars and NFL legends are features of this mode. Of course, the best players are always sought after by gamers, so next, we will list the best players in Dallas Cowboys in Madden Ultimate Team mode.

Deion Sanders (92 OVR)

He is deservedly the greatest cornerback and one of the most attractive players in the NFL game. Although his overall rating is 92, he has 99 ratings in man coverage, zone coverage, hands and range. He will always be considered one of the Dallas Cowboys' greatest players. In Madden21, it is more appropriate for him to have this franchise's best card.

Amari Cooper (91 OVR)

His career has not been smooth sailing. In the third season, he experienced some difficulties, which led to him being traded to the Dallas Cowboys team. people thought he would be in a slump, but because of the team's support, Cooper once again created glory. He regained his position as the first receiver. This makes his limited edition card of 91 overall very popular in Ultimate Team.

Larry Allen (89 OVR)

As a player in the offensive line, he is like a beast to provide the strongest support for his teammates. He has 91 run blocks and 94 pass blocks in MUT.

Ezekiel Elliott (89 OVR)

His stability is obvious, which thanks to his ability to stay healthy. Although his ability to catch the ball in the passing game is a bit weak, his 89 overall rating in MUT can keep the ball running.

Travis Frederick (89 OVR)

As a solid start center for the Dallas Cowboys, his ability is beyond doubt. If you complete the Cowboys Team Diamond set and sports a run and pass block rating of 91, you will get his 89 overall Ultimate Team card as a reward.

Dak Prescott (89 OVR)

Due to the ankle injury, he had to end early in this season. But his 89 overall rating can still accompany the team to success. His 87-rating in a throw power and 89-rating in a throw on the run make him shine in the quarterback position.

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