Madden 21 - Carolina Panthers' Latest Player Ratings 
Madden 21 - Carolina Panthers' Latest Player Ratings 

The player ratings in Madden 21 are very concerned by people. Both players and gamers are very serious about it. This makes the rating adjusters have to be more cautious to adjust the ratings of players. They do their best to maintain or change the players' rankings through their performance at this season. Now we will share our views on the ratings of the Panthers. 

Mike Davis (RB)  76-77

Mike Davis has taken over for Christine McCaffrey and became the lead back of the team, and his performance has been exceptional. Therefore, his overall rating has risen from 76 to 77. His main improvement is the running ability ratings. But we think he deserves a higher rating, because Carolina almost never makes a mistake in the offense. This is partly attributed to him, but he seems very happy about this, even if it only improves by one point.

Rasul Douglas (CB)  74-75

Cornerback Douglas also brought us surprises this season. His overall rating has risen from 74 to 75. There is no doubt that Douglas is now the top corner of the team. Even if Madden only added one point for him, this is also to be happy, indicating that Madden has also noticed his potential.

Teddy Bridgewater (QB)  76-77

At the beginning of the season, his rating was 75, and now it has become 77, which shows that his rating is steadily rising. I believe that in subsequent games, he will also perform better and better. His awareness and short accuracy have been boosted. Among his realistic attributes, awareness and short accuracy are also two major advantages. Madden grasped this very well.

Kawann Short (DT)  85-79

Sadly! Kawann Short is the member whose overall rating is still dropping after the team's three consecutive victories. His overall rating dropped from 85 to 79. Earlier news said that Short this season will end early like the previous year. It is not yet known whether this is true.

Robby Anderson (WR) stay 86

Although in the fifth week of the game against the Falcons, his overall rating remained unchanged at 86. In addition, he still received a great 2- point bonus. He is likely to be Carolina's number one receiver this season. And his awareness attribute has been three points boost.

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