Madden 21: Alvin Kamara's Rating Is A Little Surprising, He Deserves Higher Rating
Madden 21: Alvin Kamara's Rating Is A Little Surprising, He Deserves Higher Rating

The player who was selected in the third round of Tennessee in 2017 has been the main player of the New Orleans Saints since entering the league. Kamara is unique in that he is excellent in both run and passing game, because most players are only good at one of them, so he can be said to be a relatively versatile player.

Kamara's current overall rating in Madden 21 is 93, which is actually a little surprising, because his performance in the New Orleans Saints is pretty good. His total touchdown in the NFL is 21, so it seems that his 93 OVR is a bit low.

In the beginning, his Madden 21 overall rating was 88 OVR, which is not bad, but he still deserves a higher rating.

In this year, he created total touchdowns, rushing yards and receptions. Recently, he was nominated as the All-Pro second team for the 2020 NFL season. With such an achievement, Kamara's rating may be improved.

There are several areas that need to be adjusted:

Catch Rating: 77

How can a running back with the most receptions only have 77 points in this area? In contrast, the Indianapolis Colts WR T.Y.Hilton has an 86 catching rating, but he has about 30 fewer passes than Kamara. So a catch rating of 77 is absurd for Kamara.

Injury Rating: 85

This area also needs to be improved. For Kamara, this rating is meaningless, because throughout the four years of the NFL, he has missed a total of four regular-season games.

So if these two aspects are improved, Kamara's overall rating can definitely reach 95. It would be great if the Madden rating adjusters could improve his rating. His fans will also be happy to see it.

If you are looking for such an all-around running back, then this position is none other than Kamara. Of course, the prerequisite for him to join your team is that you have enough MUT 21 Coins, because although he is not as expensive as a member of the 99 Club member, his value is definitely not low, so preparing a large amount of Madden 21 Coins is definitely no harm. If you need cheap MUT 21 Coins, you can choose to buy from GAMEMS.

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