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Madden 21: 6 Players Get Maximum Overall Ratings

May 06, 2021

As for Madden, which is released every year, fans are very interested in players who get 99 OVR. Since Madden 2001, there have been only 99 overall ratings in games released each year. But there are very few players who can get this rating. This list only contains players who are undisputed in the NFL. Based on real performance, the following are the players who have achieved the highest OVR in Madden 21.

Players’ Madden ratings will get change with the corresponding NFL season. In the recent release, only 4 players received the highest overall rating. In February of this year, Buccaneers defeated the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, and finally, there were 6 members of the 99 Club.

Aaron Donald - Los Angeles Rams

It is already one of the best pass rushers in football. He has the Blitz X-Factor ability, which can completely erase the resistance bar on the court blockers, and when activated, it can destroy the opponent's offensive line with one hand.

Travis Kelce - Kansas City Chiefs

He is a 6-time pro bowler and a multiple record holder at the tight end position. His size and excellent catch ratings make him a safe and reliable choice in any pass play, and he also has the Double Me X-Factor ability.

DeAndre Hopkins - Arizona Cardinals

He was a rookie in the first-round pick of 2013 and served as a professional bowler five times. As a WR, he has a very high level of physical and strength, which makes him win the most controversial ball even if his Double Me X-Factor ability is not activated.

Davante Adams - The Green Bay Packers

He is one of the WRs in the 99 Club.

Aaron Rodgers - The Green Bay Packers

When his X-Factor ability is activated, he will always be an aerial threat to ensure an aggressive catch against single coverage.

Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

His X-Factor ability is Bazooka, and when activated, his maximum passing distance increases by 15 yards, allowing him to find the endzone from almost anywhere on the court.

Now Madden 21 has reached the final stage, they are already the best players in the game, but as Madden 22 approaches, this list seems to change, we can only wait and see.

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